Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Every guitarist knows the problem: no matter how good their guitar is or how accurately it’s tuned, in some chord positions and keys, it still sounds slightly “out of tune”. The Buzz Feiten Tuning System solves this problem with an innovative approach to guitar intonation and tuning that provides a radical improvement in chord harmonization. Finally, you can play any chord, in any position and key, with satisfying results.

The traditional way of tuning guitars only relates each string to itself. However, it’s important that strings are tuned in relation to each other – not just themselves. Feiten’s system is designed to tune strings in relation to each other.

In Buzz Feiten’s words: “The modified tuning system consists of two parts. The first involves moving the saddle slightly closer to the bridge. The second requires precise tuning of the guitar according to a pattern of shifted pitch, reminiscent of the way pianos are tuned. Piano tuners have known for 400 years that in order for a piano to sound pleasant, the tuning must be ‘tempered’ by setting it slightly out of tune to a very precise pattern.”

What modifications need to be made to the instrument?

First, the guitar should be properly set up, often requiring fret leveling. The nut is equally important and should be replaced if damaged or of poor quality. Usually, there are no visible signs of these types of modifications.

How to tune a guitar that has been modified with this method ?

Any proper method of tuning will work, but for optimal results, the E should be tuned on each string: high open E, B on the fifth fret, G on the ninth fret, D on the fourteenth fret, A on the seventh fret, and low E on the twelfth fret.

Do I need a special tuner?

Do regular tuning, any tuner will work. For everyday use, the Korg DT-7 tuner is a good choice as it has the Feiten System tuning option and a “pitch shift/12th fret” function for checking intonation. It is suitable for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Peterson tuners are also a good choice with a wide selection available, which we use ourselves.

What if I change the string gauge?

You’ll need to retune the instrument according to the offsets

Can I play with guitarists who don't use the System?

Of course, even Joe Satriani has said that he likes the effect of combining improved and standard guitars. Since the BFTS is based on very small and delicate sound height adjustments, you’ll simply sound better playing with another guitarist – this purity is particularly noticeable if there’s also a keyboard in the band.

Buzz Feiten, Guitarist and Innovator

But who the heck is Buzz Feiten, and what does this guy do with guitars? Buzz has been in the industry for some time. Some may recognize him from his days playing with the Paul Butterfield Bluesband or The Rascals. If not, he’s also played with Chicago, Mr. Mister, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, the Feiten Larsen Band, Bob Dylan, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, David Sanborn, Al Jarreau, Gregg Allman, Stevie Wonder, Bette Midler, and many others.


Scott Henderson

“This is really an amazing system that really works. I’m not a tuning fanatic and never have been, but this system is so good that when you really want to play clean, it’s possible when it wasn’t before. I could never get my guitar to tune all the way up the neck before, unlike most other guitars.”


Jimmy Haslip

“With the incredibly simple adjustment, my basses are now in tune! The Buzz Feiten Tuning System really works. It has changed my professional life. Now I can just focus on the music with a newfound level of confidence! A definite improvement in my performance.”


Tom Anderson Guitar Works

“The effect is so obvious that the very next day, we changed our production methods and now build our guitars completely differently. Playing these instruments is an incredibly enjoyable experience.”

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