Basster 5 Multi

Basster 5 Multi

A five-string bass guitar with a variable scale of 34-36 inches. The body is made from limba wood, while the top is the highest-quality figured maple, stained in a reverse burst. The scale, from 34 inches for the G string to 36 inches for the B string, ensures that the lowest tones sound powerful. The neck is reinforced with carbon fiber and set through the body. The necks are sturdy, stable, and easy to adjust. Various wood types and electronic options are available.

 Built without compromise, for demanding players.

Standard Specifications

Construction: neck through

Neck: American hard maple 3pcs

Fingerboard: ebony

Body: Solid limba

Nut: brass

Trussrod: traditional, one way, extra carbon rods

Electronics: active Dark Glass
Pickups: Aguilar

Hardware: Hipshot

Frets: 24,

Straplock: Dunlop Dual Design

Finish: Poliurethane on body and top of headstock, oil on neck

Buzz Feiten Tuning System – option

Price: from 16,700 PLN (including case or bag), all prices net

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